The Easiest Way To Start Building Credibility For Your Startup

Are you taking the typical approach to building your startup business with a traditional email address?

  •,,, etc.

These email’s are great if you’re representing yourself. But you’re not anymore, you’re building a company and you need a brand to match. So if you’ve been wondering why you’re struggling to engage and persuade people such as Investors with your business idea, we can confidently say that your email is definitely a contributing factor. You need digital credibility today.

To exude credibility either operating or searching for investment, you will need to invest. What we suggest is:

  • Buy a domain name and configure it with GSuite – it’s super quick and simple.

The result is you will turn your destructive email such as into; essentially buying you tons of credibility in the process. The simple step by step method is outlined below, get onto it today

1. Buy a domain name that suits your startup at and write down your login details. (having trouble thinking of a domain name? click here for help)

  • If you want to go that extra step further and purchase web hosting with your domain that is affordable, fast & secure, use SiteGround. You will get a Free Domain & Business Email with your hosting package. – continue with steps 2-4 if you choose to only purchase your domain and set up your business email.

2. Sign up for a free trial of GSuite and click “start free trial”. I suggest picking the $5 plan option and adding your credit card for uninterrupted email.

3. Enter your domain that you purchased into the form. It will ask you for details of the domain and the provider you purchased it from. Select GoDaddy and then select the domain.

4. Give it a few minutes to configure and then enjoy your new custom domain and email. Don’t forget to add a signature to the bottom of your emails as well.

Good luck with your new domain and remember, you can always call our office for assistance with this process on (02) 4702 6216. We're here to help!

Joel Basedow