The Affordable Value Of A Google Chromebook For Work Or School

One of the biggest trends taking place is called Digital Transformation; it’s all about how we can become more connected, being able to collaborate and having in our hands the tools we need to change our future and to solve the problems of today.

The Chromebook and Chrome Tab have become a revelation to hundreds of Schools, and Businesses, across the nation and around the world. IT Departments now have a simple and secure way to manage devices in the school or business IT network, thanks to the brilliance of Google’s Chrome Device management.

IT admins constantly face the challenge of managing a broad range of devices in today’s business landscape. And it’s critical to have the power to manage all devices using a single unified endpoint management solution. Which is why Chrome Enterprise now gives customers the ability to manage all their Chrome devices from a single management solution.

With 93% less setup time and multiple layers of security, Chromebooks are a simple device easy to integrate wit the technology stack of your School or Business. Some organisations are even seeing an increase of engagement in collaboration and learning – at school, at work, at home and anywhere else they needed access - as a result of the change over.

The best part! Chromebooks are affordable (quality for the low price), secure, durable, shareable devices that come with support, management, and built-in access to GSuite and Google Apps. As Google Chromebook experts with a wide range of brands available, Driven Digitally can assist you to make an informed decision about the right Chromebook that will suit your budget and the needs of your organisation.


What We've Heard From Our Customers

With the added capabilities Chrome Enterprise provides on top of Chrome OS, many businesses are eager to deploy Chrome further across their organisations to connect more users securely to the cloud. “At Whirlpool Corporation, we want technology to empower employees to do great things. Chrome OS has helped our organization do just that by enabling employees to be their most productive, whenever and wherever,” says Andrew Lewis, Senior Manager, Global Information Systems for Whirlpool. “Utilising cloud-ready devices, specifically Chromebooks and G Suite, has fostered a safer, more secure, and faster user experience for both customers and employees.”

According to Ed Higgs, Interim Director of Global Service Delivery for Group IT at Rentokil: “With over 500 Chromebooks in use in our organization, Chrome now forms part of our standard offering within Rentokil Initial. Google's current Chrome OS initiatives will make the operating system of increasing value for us, and we are already finding an increasing number of use cases for Chrome devices. We've benefited from direct support from Google's product and engineering teams, that have worked closely with us to help us execute our goals."


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