How To Convert Your Smartphone Into A Desktop Computer (with Big Screen) in Less Than 10 Seconds...

Your smartphone is the only computer you need.

Today, your Smartphone is the ultimate pocket computer: Powerful, Connected and Practical. Between our desire to achieve goals faster and feel connected, the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs; we depend more than ever on our smartphone to organise our personal and professional lives. Finally, how we work in the office has seamlessly aligned with technological evolution to facilitate a more agile and affordable desktop experience. 

Now you can easily exploit its full potential and operate your Smartphone like your own personal desktop computer- big screen, mouse, keyboard and all.

Samsung Dex optimises your Galaxy S8 or S8+ android operating system for the Big Screen, giving you the seamless ability to.... just work - without any need to invest in a standalone computer system. When you upgrade your phone, you upgrade your computer.

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Get instant Desktop Access to whatever you have on your phone with the new Dex from Samsung. When you dock, you immediately feel you are working on a normal home computer.

  • Work on important documents with a Big Screen, Keyboard & Mouse.
  • Connect to any Bluetooth-enabled, USB or RF-type keyboard and mouse
  • Prevent Device Overheating - Cooling fan in the DeX Station Dock helps prevent the device from overheating when being operated in desktop mode.
  • Automated Smartphone Charging while docked with Dex 
  • Ethernet port (100Mbps), 2 x USB 2.0 ports and 1x HDMI port
  • Increase productivity and minimise your computing expenses.

Let's be honest. Some things are just easier on a desktop, like sending an email, accessing and editing important documents, managing social media, or copying and pasting between apps. With Samsung DeX, you can start doing these things instantly with a click of a mouse or a punch of a key.

For the Dex to Work you will need:
*S8 or S8+
*HDMI cord
*Monitor with HDMI access
*Access to power source via USB-C for DeX station

Did you know that according to reports the Samsung Galaxy S8 is more powerful than a Macbook Air?

That's right, your Smartphone is a real computer equipped with capacity that truly matches one of a conventional PC. Unleash the power of your Smartphone today with Samsung Dex. 

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Increase Productivity, Minimise Your Computing Expenses