4 Reasons Google Jamboard Is the Digital Whiteboard For Smart Business And Education Collaboration

What’s big, red, and posed to be the next big thing in workplace and education collaboration?

Now available in Australia, Google’s new Jamboard has redefined meetings, education sessions and brainstorming gatherings through a collaborative digital whiteboard with UHD 4K touch display where multiple users can join and work on projects inside the wide creative space available - known as a "Jam" session.


1. The Google Ecosystem

All features and benefits you know about the Google Ecosystem are in the Jamboard - it is the visual face of Google. The interactive whiteboards supports all Docs, Sheets, Slides, and images (including GIFs) from a Google Drive cloud account, making them easily accessible, editable and shareable on multiple pages over this platform.

The special feature of Google search and online browsing adds to the creativity and parallel research required in the workspace. It supports Google Hangouts with calls and videos using a built-in wide-angle 1080p camera, speakers and microphone holding up to 50 participants at one time. Thanks to the 4k display monitor, you’re sure to see everything clearly.

2. Smart Features

The basics of the Jamboard are just like a whiteboard.

You walk up to it, pick up a pen, and start writing. 

The amazing part is instant digital collaboration between teams (individuals and/or offices) in different locations. Everything written on one Jamboard can be mirrored across dozens of other Jamboards, as well as computer and tablet screens, of those participating in the "Jam" session. The people on the other side of those devices can also work on the very same content displayed, too.

The Jamboard boasts a non-chargeable stylus, which is a major advantage, especially when compared to the Microsoft Surface knick-knacks.

As a smart interactive display, the innovative “handwriting brush” uses shape recognition (AI) software to clean messy handwriting. The brush transforms illegible writing into easy-to-read text instantly.

The Jamboard’s strength shamelessly lie in its digital features, like the ability to pull in photos and website screenshots, to add emoji and other stickers, and to take pictures with a built-in webcam.

The best part is that Google rolls out new updates often to ensure the sustainable evolution of the product - so you don't get left behind.


See the powerful new Google Jamboard up close in action to better understand how it can help you achieve goals at work.

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3. Better Collaboration

The Jamboard helps teams get back to the heart of what they love to do: create new ideas.

It raises the bar on empowering smart learning and collaborative creativity. The amount of people who can join a "jam" is unlimited.

Anyone who is registered as a G Suite user can get involved with the companion Jamboard app available on both Android and iOS devices.

Users sketch out ideas, attach digital sticky notes, plus bring in content from the web into a single, constantly updating workspace.

Being able to see your co-worker writing on the board from a different location could make the experience feel more personal and collaborative.

Everyone can now stay on the same page! No excuses.

4. Ease of Distance Learning

You can use Jamboard to collaborate and conduct meetings from many locations at the same time.

Distance becomes a mute concept with the use of this smart whiteboard

The Jamboard takes the whiteboard or chalkboard from the conference room and puts it into the device in your bag with utmost ease. With the help of G suite, the Jamboard supports working together in a group seminar and makes distance learning more engaging. The Jamboard makes it easy for your team to share ideas in real time across the world with the use of a smartphone, tablet or desktop. One definitely can't ignore that it does present a seamless, quirky and exciting way to plan and execute projects within a team collaboration environment.


How fast we achieve collaborative outcomes is a measure of productivity, best reflected in how effective and integrated systems are with scablable technologies across work spaces. Staying in touch with the evolution of the digital economy is easy with the Jamboard thanks to the ongoing Google product updates.

In many ways, Jamboard feels like a quintessential Google product—slickly designed with features that are already futuristic and forward-thinking.

Oh, and the solution is literally "plug and play", which means you save time and it’s dead simple to get started. Why not try out this surprisingly fun smart interactive displays technology for yourself? so you can see how easy it is to collaborate and work toward achieving productivity goals now - or at least sooner rather than later.

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