Marty The Robot Classroom 10 Pack

Marty The Robot Classroom 10 Pack


EDU Pack includes: Marty the Robot Command Hub, Printed Guide, Hardware and Fixings Kit
Mains to USB Charger , Activities and Lesson Plans Online, A Printed Educators Guide

10 Pack includes Multi Marty Charger

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his Marty Education Pack contains 10 Pre-built Marty the Robots, plus everything you need to integrate Marty into your club or classroom.


Marty makes learning about programming and engineering a fun and engaging process. Acting as a gateway into computer science and design technology, Marty empowers students through inventive learning, engaging the child’s creativity and promoting their STEM skills.

Your students can get started programming Marty using the block-based language Scratch, and more advanced students can use Python, Javascript or even C++.

We have loads of free lesson plans for Marty suitable for ages from 7-14, as well as fun activities that can be used even with older students