Driven Digitally has a dedicated team of professionals who are certified in Google & Microsoft.

We Think Differently.

Complexity is the enemy of execution, we don’t believe in a complex servicing model, so we have 3 premium I.T support packages on offer and a small offering of extended services specialised in virtualisation, cloud and business continuity.

Our goal is to make this simple for our clients so that we all can concentrate on what matters most;

  • achieving outcomes effectively on time, within budget


An extension to our remote care package, for clients who need someone locally to resolve I.T issues and provide support for staff, this add-on package will suit best. For any issues we cannot resolve remotely, we will dispatch an engineer onsite to ensure all I.T problems gets resolved in a professional and timely manner. Our primary focus is on resolving technical problems, so we do not charge any fees for call out or time spent onsite. Just one simple monthly fee to ensure that you’ll always have someone available to come onsite when needed. Inclusion are:

  • Maximum Seats Supported: 10

  • Onsite I.T Support

  • Zero Call Out Fee

  • Zero Hourly Rate

  • Service Level Agreement


Our client’s business is an extension of themselves, so it is vitally important that we ensure that all of the critical infrastructure is properly cared for and maintained. We also plan ahead and train them for Disaster Recovery scenarios, what to expect and how to mitigate as much risk as possible. Since their business is essentially an extension of who they are, we as partners in technology are committed to keeping them as healthy as possible. Failure is bound to happen, but when it does, our clients are well prepared to be back on their feet. Inclusion are:

  • Maximum Servers Supported: 5

  • Weekly Maintenance

  • Backup Management

  • DR Planning & Testing

  • Network Maintenance

  • Quarterly Server Patching

  • Server Monitoring


A service specifically designed for small businesses where response time is crucial. Our team will be on standby during business hours and will remote into our client’s system to offer them support as though they were onsite. Under our premium remote care service we are committed to offering a response time in under 1hr. Inclusions are:

  • Maximum Seats Supported: 10

  • Local based Service Desk

  • Remote I.T Support

  • Unlimited Incident/Call Tacking   



This is the forefront of technology, specifically designed with flexibility in mind. Clients who subscribes to our cloud services can operate their business anywhere in the world. As an added side benefit, they also experience a reduction of up to 70% of I.T expenses for their company. Our cloud computing services have proven to be an effective solution especially in the SMB sector. All that is required is a device capable of getting internet.

Windows Server Per VM: $140 P/M

Virtual Desktop Per User: $50 P/M

*Free demo is available to show you our capabilities. Please contact us to get more information on our cloud computing services.


This service is designed to safeguard our clients against data loss, we offer a hassle free backup service for clients who wish to have some resiliency in their business. We will manage their backup system and have the data sent to our proprietary backup sites CoHBS (Co-operative Hosted Backup Sites) on a nightly basis, thus ensuring that data is always retrievable when the time comes.

Backup to our CoHBS Sites: $150 Per Month (Price per 1TB, minimum 1TB)

*Our sites are in Australia, thus ensuring data will never leave the country to abide by privacy laws.


Having a good plan for when unforeseen disaster strikes is crucially important to a business, but often overlooked by many. We protect our client’s interest by providing them the ability to work from anywhere in the world when the time comes that they can no longer physically access their workplace (Fire/Flood/Destroyed building etc). We also do not charge any excess if our clients do have to enter a DR scenario.

DR as a Service (Up to 3 Servers): $240 Per Month

Entering DR Excess/Fees: $0

*We conduct DR testing every 3 months to ensure quality and operability with our clients. This is also conducted to both mentally prepare and condition our clients so they can be accustomed with the process.

Audio Visual Premium School Support

School AV Premium Support Package

Driven Digitally has a team of certified Installers & AV Techicians.

We see that it fits best when a School can allow teachers to focus on teaching, while the tech stuff is handled by professional Techies.

We have an amazing 12 month program available where we can manage and provide maintenance to all your AV Products throughout the School.

To help us understand more about your needs and the variables we need to consider, please use the form below.

*Our Learning Space Team will be in touch with further information to help you get started with your quote.

We understand there is no one package suits everyone

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