Cloud-Based Interactive Whiteboard With G Suite Integration

Lecturers can start lessons by pulling in prebuilt materials stored in Google Drive: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Additionally, Jamboard allows video import and image capture from the embedded Google Search function straight to the board for display. Students can join and post questions or share ideas via Jamboard app on Android and iOS devices anytime.


Real-Time Collaboration

Make teaching and learning more collaborative and interactive with the real-time co-authoring function powered by G Suite. Lecturers open a jam and invite students joining and add assets or make notes via Jamboard app on smartphones and tablets wherever they are. This interactive whiteboard can be applied to remote learning or teleconferences. 



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Intelligent & Intuitive Writing Experience 

Built with the latest low-latency technology, Jamboard allows 16 simultaneous touch points to collaborate at once. Intuitive and intelligent features including handwriting and shape recognition, and AutoDraw, which recognizes sketches and pairs them with appropriate images, allow learners, lecturers, and faculty members to easily create engaged learning and presentation environments. With the stylus and the palm erase feature, work exactly the same as you would on a traditional whiteboard. 

Foster Truly Collaborative Learning Environment with Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is designed to help create a truly collaborative learning environment for students while striving for bringing brilliant ideas to life in modern classrooms. To more closely connect the entire school and establish a learning environment that’s tailored for effortless communication, Jamboard can be used with other hardware devices from Google, such as Google Chromebook, for more convenient and intuitive collaboration sessions on campus.


For further information or to request Jamboard White Glove Service and Installation enquiries please email: learningspace@drivendigitally.com.au