Google White Glove Premium service with Premium Site Survey

Google White Glove Premium service with Premium Site Survey


A Complete Premium Service which includes Site Survey ,  Installation and Training for the Google Jamboard

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Site Survey
o Technician will arrive onsite at a predetermined date and time to conduct a “Site Readiness Survey”. This survey will be utilized to determine the locations
installation needs for the Jamboard. All questions that apply on the “Site Readiness Survey Sheet” will be completed by the technician and customer contact if
required. “Site Readiness Survey Sheet” will be provided to technicians prior to arrival onsite.

 Technician will perform the following for Site Readiness Survey:
o Confirm and evaluate the location of unpacking and installation.
o Determine what will be necessary for delivery of Jamboard from delivery area to location of installation.
o Determine if wall for installation is suitable for the size of the Jamboard.
o Determine if power is accessible at installation location.
o Determine if connection is going to be wired or wireless.
o Determine if networking cable is in place at installation location. (If wired connection is required)
o If networking cable wiring is required, technician will determine and confirm that a suitable cable path is available at location.
o Confirm installation date with end customer.

 Technician will contact the customer to go over the following items on the Installation Pre-Check List:
o Power source at installation site
o Unfiltered Wi-Fi & password for Jamboard provisioning (Clarify: Device supports WPA2 Personal Wi-Fi (also known as WPA2-PSK), however it does not support
WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi (i.e. Wi-Fi networks secured with 802.1X). The device also supports DHCP Ethernet.)
o No Edison (incandescent bulbs) lamps are in the vicinity as the Jamboard touch function could be disabled.
o Customer acknowledgement of package sizes and shipping requirements (i.e. lift gate, etc.)
o Boxes accessible to installation site. Recommended work space bigger than 10’x10’.
o Confirm that customer domain admin has verified the domain.
o Confirm that customer has G Suite admin account available on day of installation.
o Additional Requirements for Wall Mount Installation:
 Studs can hold the weight of board. (93 lbs. combined weight between Jamboard and Jamboard wall mount)
 Studs in correct position to place board and wall mount in a user accessible location.
 Power cord can reach power source.
 Ethernet cable can reach the board (if LAN connection is preferred).
 Drywall mounting surface.
 Non-Google VESA mount use at customer discretion. Google Jamboard VESA mount spec is 600mm x 200mm.
 Google Jamboard and accessories - if applicable - will be delivered onsite (inside delivery) via white glove delivery service.
 If a pre-existing display panel exists at the site of installation, technicians will de-install the existing display panel.
o Does not include patching walls.
 If a pre-existing display panel exists at the site of installation and was removed by technicians, technicians will dispose of display panel.
 Technicians will complete installation at the time of delivery.
 Technicians will unpack the product and inspect for any damages.
 Technicians will install the Google Jamboard
o Rolling Stand
 Technicians will assemble rolling mount and place in the location designated by customer.
o Wall Mount
 Technicians will install mount ensuring that the mount is fastened to at least (4) studs in wall.

 Technician will ensure Jamboard is level.
 Technician will plug Jamboard into power and power on device.
 Technician will plug the network cable into the Jamboard if applicable.
o If network wiring is required, technician will provide material to install up to 50 feet of non-plenum rated CAT5/6 cable and perform wiring service .
 Technician will provision the customers’ Jamboard(s) based on the customers’ criteria (JB Name, Location, etc) on the Google Jamboard admin console.
 Technician will provide a quick start tutorial on basic functionality of the Jamboard.
 Upon completion, technician will have the customer sign and date a job completion form/sign off sheet to confirm the job is completed to the customer satisfaction.
 Technicians will remove all packaging and debris from site and dispose.