School Security & Student Safety

Schools face the challenge everyday of ensuring student well-being and safety by knowing exactly who is on campus at all times. Knowing which students, staff and visitors are onsite at any one time is extremely difficult to manage - unless you have LoopLearn.

LoopLearn automates student attendance management using computer vision technology. 


LoopLearn’s state of the art technology simplifies access control, identification and attendance monitoring using an all in one hardware and software solution.

Students, staff and visitors can sign in and out of campus, or locations on campus such as libraries and music buildings, seamlessly with face identification that meets the highest data privacy and security standards.

*LoopLearn integrates with the schools Student Management System for pre-existing reporting and operational processes.

LoopLearn is fully compliant with Australian privacy requirements, and meets high data and information security standards. Data is de-identified and fully encrypted, and stored on secure servers based in Australia. Data is privately owned by each school, and is not shared with or accessible by any third party, including government bodies.

Data is always in a storage environment owned and controlled by the school, meeting the highest global standards of storage security. All data is encrypted, images pass through the schools IRAP certified storage before being permanently deleted.

*LoopLearn is proudly Australian based and has received funding from the Australian Federal Government for their globally recognised innovation for schools.

LoopLearn automatically marks the roll even if students from the same class are in multiple learning spaces, solving this essential care challenge for teachers.

We have solutions that cater for all styles of classrooms, sports events, excursions, music lessons, flexible timetables, sign in and out, and all other school activities.


How The Technology Works In The School

■ A school configures the camera to update as frequently or infrequently as it wants

■ At the start of each class the camera may sweep at five or ten minute intervals and update the class attendance list

■ An optional kiosk checks in visitors and parents to tell the school they are on the campus, allowing any unauthorised person to be identified on school grounds

■ The system does not store faces unless a person approves it

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee paid annually in advance for the LoopLearn

Service, which includes:

  • All hardware devices. Hardware units are replaced as part of the service if technical issues occur, if no physical damage has occurred the device and the device is returned to the supplier.

  • Software licensing, including customers LoopLearn Web App to view detailed attendance, visit and sign in / out data.

  • Support services, including software updates, online help guides and support desk, and integrations to other attendance management systems.

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