Minecraft EE Deep Dive Day & Resources 

Minecraft Education Edition has been a very popular classroom tool for authentic, engaging and collaborative learning. Now it's even better with the new additions of Classroom Mode, Code Connector and the vast range of teacher resources and lessons - right at your finger tips.

This hands-on afternoon workshop will help you dive deep into the new features that make Minecraft EE such an amazing educational resource, all while meeting and connecting with other passionate educators.

You Will Learn How To: 

  • Find out how Minecraft Education Edition is engaging students and fostering creativity and collaboration in classrooms around the world

  • Experience Minecraft as your students would, using Classroom Mode

  • Explore the range of pre-made worlds, lessons and resources appropriate to your class (including Chemistry World)

  • Use Code Connection to automate processes in your world

  • Find out how to build your own lessons in Minecraft 

  • Discover how Minecraft EE can help your students meet the new Digital Technologies Curriculum progress outcomes  

  •  Learn how to get your class (or school) up and running with Minecraft EE no matter what your school learning platform is

This Workshop will be conducted by a Microsoft Education Certified Training , All Content will be NESA Registered.

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