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Some important trends that are taking place across this industry

technology is going to take consumer engagement to another level, becoming even more personal and immersive.  Technologically speaking, the trends to pay attention to are transaction-engagement, mixed reality and the Internet of Things.   he outer edge of this enhanced Consumer Experience (CX) is transaction-engagement.  As brands move from selling to serving, creating unique, engaging, interactive digital experiences become critical.  Websites, as an easy example, cannot be merely online brochures.  To be effective, they must be interactive, personal, and engaging.

IoT IN REAL ESTATE – Imagine putting a beacon, a small blue-tooth enabled devices that emit a URL, in every open house.

Solutions to help you be Digitally Driven

We understand the importance of having an IT Infrastructure that reflects the trends in the way technology is changing.  How we would help you through a scoping session our team would become familiar with your business.  Map out what works and what doesn't.  Show you our Business Technology platform.  And show you how you can operate your business from the Cloud and simplify how you connect with your staff and with your customers.