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One of the biggest areas of investment in K-12 Education is around the introduction of the STEM curriculum. Everywhere schools are seeking to look at how they can implement their Stem Strategy. Driven Digitally is working with Schools in how to deploy their digital technology.



Science seeks to understand the natural world and find the guiding principles of how it works


Technology are the products and processes society needs to make life comfortable.



Engineering is about design of products and processes that meet societal needs. This design imitates and utilises scientific principles.


Maths is a tool which is used to support scientific principles and optimise engineering designs


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In November of 2017, Driven Digitally partnered with Lake Macquarie High School to host a STEM Workshop for Schools in the Hunter, Newcastle & Central Coast Region.

Here is the Coverage of that STEM Workshop to give you more of an understanding of our capabilities and what you can expect when partnering with Driven Digitally for your next STEM professional development training day.

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Robotics Academy

Introducing our new Robotics Academy powered by Edutech Australia

Japan's number 1 robotic and coding education program finally makes its way down under to Australia & New Zealand. Our innovative school kit is the Winner of the 2018, 7th Mondozukuri Nippon Grand Awards in Japan; for Advanced Oriented Robot Programming Education using Block-Based Robot kits, in the cultivating human resources Division of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industries



Driven Digitally supports schools with an extensive range of STEAM Products mapped to the Australian Curriculum. We are excited to announce a new range of STEAM Products via Edutech Australia.

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Single Board Computer, micro:bit, Pocket Sized, Fun and Easy to Use

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MudWatt Classroom Pack - (Serves 10 - 30 students)

Want to engage your students in science and engineering in a whole new way -merging disciplines like microbiology, decomposition, renewable energy, electrical engineering all in one fun and memorable experience?

Or just want to have a dirt-power party? Then the Classroom Pack is for you! Includes Carbon Felt Electrodes (10 sets), Blinker Circuits (10

sets), Graduated Containers (10 sets), Alligator clips (9 sets), 3 Digital Clocks, Nitrile Gloves (10 sets) Resistors (3 sets), Instructional

Booklet (10 sets), Free MudWatt Explorer App (available on iTunes and Google Play)

This Class Kit is suitable for upto 30 students - Cost

Per Student $11.66

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