Technology for Education

In the last 2 -  3 years much has changed in the way Schools have approached learning and introducing the use of Technology in the classroom.

In 2011 the Australian Government had rolled out the Digital Education Revolution with the aim of putting into the hands of every student a Laptop. What has changed since then as funding evaporated the expectation to continue such programs remained.  

With the lack of funding Schools had to re think how to keep a one to one program and the parent pay model was introduced.  There are many different ways Schools approach and provide Technology in the Digital Learning space.  Driven Digitally can support a School purchased programs as well as a parent pay program. 


With 8 plus years experience in working with Schools we have learnt what works and what doesn’t when it comes to delivering a successful BYOD Program.

  • Free Consultation to Scope out Requirements

  • Design of Secure Parent Portal

  • Automated Systems in place to track orders and shipping

  • Reporting on Purchases with Serial Numbers and Date of Purchase

  • Strategic Advise on Product Selection

  • Professional Development with Google or Microsoft

  • Deployment services around Chromebooks / Android Tablets

  • Help Desk Support for Parents and Schools

  • Parent Information Sessions

Our commitment to you is to provide you an education grade solution for parents.  Providing duty of care to parents and students, competitive pricing, current shipping information and order tracking. We strive to deliver A Grade, Satisfactory Customer Service. Pay By the Month options via request.



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