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K-12 Education | Solution Design & Consulting

Equipped with over 10 years experience, the Learning Space Team works with Schools to impact and empower them in their Digital Transformation Journey. The Team gets along side Educators and provides expert advice; helping them to deliver the new Digital Curriculum more effectively.

Find the right solution to deliver better learning outcomes. Our team is helping to provide solutions in ICT Technology for Learning, supporting Schools in their STEM Projects and helping Teachers to Teach from anywhere at any time with state of the art Multimedia systems.


Driven Digitally have partnered with new, ground-breaking as well as current Top Tier IT brands (including but not limited to Acer & Samsung) to deliver affordable, results-driven digital solution packages that will help you effectively deliver service outcomes, simplify operational processes and achieve your business goals much faster. Digital Transformation in the work space starts with the integration of a mix of diverse technology solutions around us. Now you can easily get more done in less time, reduce expenses, improve productivity and be more visible to get the outcomes you want.



78% of local-mobile searches result in offline purchases & more than 80% of people who use the internet buy online so it's obvious that making yourself visible digitally is one of the most important steps in starting a business. By having a modern, presentable, mobile responsive and up-to-date digital peresence, you are positioning yourself for success. What makes the difference is HOW you integrate "hooks" that keeps customers coming back; the user experience, interaction and triggers will determine whether any of your success is sustainable or ends up being temporary. Discover how we can help!



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Driven Digitally is a Digital Transformation Agency & Cutting Edge Technology Solutions provider founded on Christian Values; We have chosen to conduct our business activities in an ethical and honest manner. To be a business that is unashamedly ethical.

A social enterprise is different to a traditional business. What a social enterprise does is use a percentage of the corporate dollar/profit generated from sales income and invest that in a Charity that has current Love in Action Projects, actively transforming communities in nations such as Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Arnhem land -Northern Territory and lastly the Solomon Islands.

Customers would know that by giving their business to Driven Digitally they would be also help fund these projects which change lives.

  • Our business has a partnership to end modern day slavery in the workplace in the Philippines and providing employment opportunities in impoverished communities

  • We are involved with bringing clean water to villages in the Solomon Islands

  • Running a Vocational Training Centre and School in Bangladesh

  • Community Development taking a holistic approach with the Yolngu people in Elcho Island Arnhem Land


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Driven Digitally is a registered business that aims to address the massive change taking place in the workplace, learning space and the home.

We create, develop and help deliver Solutions that change and engage in the way we communicate, Collaborate and Educate.

Driven Digitally is here to help you as a customer embrace that change and see your home, business or learning space transformed.

We offer a wide range of solutions and services that will help you become digitally driven.

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